Legislation imposes requirements for the inspection of registered pressure equipment and LPG facilities. Finspection is an accredited inspection body by FINAS and has the approval of Tukes to conduct periodic inspections of pressure equipment and LPG facilities.

Periodic Inspection of Pressure Equipment

We perform inspections on all types of pressure equipment and piping. Our experienced experts can conduct inspections on your pressure equipment throughout its entire lifecycle, from initial placement inspections to the final periodic inspection. A well-executed inspection provides valuable information about the conditio

Offered Inspection Types

  • Placement Inspection
  • Immersion Inspection
  • Initial Periodic Inspection
  • Internal Inspection
  • Operational Inspection
  • Pressure Test
  • Modification Inspection
  • Voluntary Inspections

Inspection of Repairs and Modifications to Pressure Equipment

During the lifecycle of pressure equipment, situations may arise where the equipment requires repair or modification. Manufacturers of repair and modification work must comply with the requirements of Government Decree 1549 §17. These requirements also apply to unregistered pressure equipment. Finspection provides the necessary inspection services for repair and modification work in accordance with Module G or A2.

Inspection of LPG Facilities

An LPG facility refers to a facility where at least 5, but less than 50 tonnes of LPG is stored. In addition to LPG, LPG facilities may contain small quantities of other hazardous chemicals. Periodic inspections of LPG facilities must be conducted every four years. The inspection can be performed as part of a tank inspection or separately as its own inspection. Our experts ensure that the periodic inspection ensures compliance in accordance with the legal and permit requirements.


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